Online Billing & Recharge Software

It's a online prepaid management mode which can control the power supply and records historical of meter data, support alarm and recharge information. So it can be widely used in some large and medium department stores, offices and dormitory building etc

B/S frame automatic remote metering with SQL
Remote prepaid charge by network TOKEN code
Support multi tariff setting and remote control
Energy consumption and Billing Report export
Provide admin, manager, recharge authority management
E-mail, SMS, WeChat notifications to per user
Historical records of meter data, alarm and recharge information

Electricity Meter List

Multi – languages Web System





Provide different authority management

Password Login for safety management

Different User ID has different authority

Operator record

One electricity meter for one User ID

Or multi- meter for one User ID

Remote Prepaid

Do not need any medium such as IC card

Support online recharge operation

Support offline recharge operation

Support pay model,

Support historical records of meter data, alarm and recharge information

Abnormity Electricity Monitoring

Support real-time monitoring whether there is any abnormal situation.

Support historical records of alarm and recharge information

Support multi-anti power stealing alarm

Support abnormity electricity situation alarm

Remote Meter Reading

Support remaining capacity,

Support available remaining days,

Support total power consumption / purchase of electricity,

Support three phase voltage, current,

Support total/phase active power,

Support total reactive power,

Support total apparent power,

Support total power factor,

Support frequency and time.

Support multi- tariff setting

Statistical Analysis

Support historical records of energy for latest 31days & 12months

Energy consumption and Billing Report export

Support success rate for collection

Arrearage Outage

Support credit line

Support overdraft consumption

Support automatically stops power supply function

Support First/ Second Level Alarm Value

Load Control

Support load threshold,

Manager can set up electrical load for every tenant

Auto switch power off when the electrical load exceed load presets