PMAC503S-B Electrical Fire Monitoring Equipment

PMAC503S-B combined display, information centralized management, fault alarm and remote control functions as a whole, to facilitate customers to keep abreast of the operation of field equipment to effectively prevent the occurrence of electrical fire.

● The system capacity can monitor up to 512 monitoring points.
● File import / export method for node information configuration
● Can record more alarm records, records of operations, and support for export records
● Real-time monitoring of the working power status, CPU operating temperature, the detector to collect data
● System bus port directly connected to the detector, simplifying the system architecture
● Appearance is more compact, thinner


Real-time Data acquisition and Status Monitoring

Can monitor the working status of the main power supply and Backup power supply, the main power voltage and the temperature of the equipment, meanwhile, the monitor data of the lower end detector can be collected and displayed. The monitored and displayed data includes Leakage temperature, DI/DO status, communication status and alarm status.

DI/DO function

The device provides two-way switch and two relays, which can be used as status monitoring and control output, and also can realize fire linkage function.

Fault Alarm and Over- limit Alarm

Abnormalities in the PMAC503S-B system include abnormal in the host computer, abnormal communication between the host and the node, and over-limit of the electric parameters monitored by the probe nodes. The device generates corresponding audible and visual alarms.

Fault / alarm type

Produce conditions


Main Power Low-voltage

Less than the Low-voltage setting value

Fault Alarm

Backup power short circuit

Short circuit to backup power supply

Backup power open circuit

Open circuit to backup power supply

Host and detector communication abnormal

The host can not receive the reply packet from the corresponding probe node for 10 times

Detector monitoring parameter abnormal

Detector to monitor the leakage, temperature and other abnormalities

Over-limit Alarm

SOE Record Function

SOE record includes: Alarm record, fault record and operation record.

The alarm records include the alarm of leakage over-limit and the alarm of over-temperature. The fault records include communication faults, main power low voltage, short circuit and open circuit. The operation records include user login, relay parameter settings and relay remote operation.

Authority Management

To ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment during operation, the PMAC503S-B provides three levels of user privileges: debugger, administrator and operator.

Data upload

PMAC503S-B through one RS485 interface, access to Shenzhen Aorinan Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. OTW6005 fire control room graphical display device, upload alarm and fault information.

System Structure

Dimension & Installation

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