Pilot EGO700 IoT Multifunction Power meter

Combine Measuring and Electricity Monitoring Into One;Reliable Data Transfer;Multiple Communication Protocol;Remote Support and Engineering Simplification.

Pilot EGO700 Internet multi-function acquisition terminal adopts dual-core architecture of high-performance microprocessor and metering core. The function include independent operation of metering and logic control, high metering accuracy, stable work, providing high-precision full power measurement, demand calculation, harmonics Analyze, set value exceeding limit, residual current and cable temperature measurement, data freezing.
It adopts the technology of Internet of Things communication and P2P. The design of split core CT supports power-keeping installation which greatly reduces the comprehensive cost of installation, debugging and maintenance. The features of built-in large-capacity cache and resume breakpoint that ensures system-side data integrity. It is suitable for projects such as energy management, electrical safety, and power Internet of Things.





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