PEVC2201 Electric Vehicle AC Charger

PEVC2201E is a basic wall-mount single/ three-phase AC charger. It is easy to install, stable in performance, and provides complete protection function. The LCD display can show the charging status, user-friendly. It supports 4G/ Ethernet/ WiFi communicat

Connector: GB/T, Type 1, Type 2
Output power: 7kW, 11kW or 22 kW
Communication: 4G/ Ethernet/ Wifi
Safety: Short circuit protection, Overcurrent Protection, overvoltage protection, Lightning protection, Emergency stop protection, Leakage protection
Protection: IP55 waterproof and dustproof, aluminum alloy columns
Convenience: Charging via QR code scanning, RFID card, or 4.3 inch LCD screen

Modular design:


Easy maintenance

Support hot-plugging

Elegant appearance:

Strong sense of technology

Strong overall sense

User-friendly :

The LCD display can show the charging status

An indicator light in the center of the shell, users can directly see the state of charge

Low cost, easy installation and maintenance:

Cover a small area

Not required special supporting facilities


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