PEVC3102 Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charger

PEVC3102 is a high-capacity DC charger. It is suited for a wide range of vehicles because of its high safety and stability. It supports multiple communication and charging methods. For different requirements, a variety of charging parameters are optional.

Output power: 60kW to 160 kW
Single charging plug: 160 kW; dual charging plugs: 2 x 80 kW
Voltage: 1000 V DC CCS Combo 2
Efficiency: 96.5% (peak value)
Communication: 4G/ Ethernet
Safety: Insulation monitoring, Over temperature protection, Polarity reversal, Emergency stop protection, Output short circuit


•     high output power(120~180KW)

•     high utilization rate of parking spaces

    Application scenarios: Can be built in bus stations, which is convenient for buses to charge


Strong cooling function:

•     Use high-end technology to improve internal heat dissipation efficiency.


Modular design:

•     Layout of parallel modules

•     Hot swap of the charging module

•     Flexible power combination



•     7-inch high-brightness LCD touchscreen

•     Remote device monitoring and self-check

•     OTA upgrade


2 plugs CCS Combo2:

•      Able to charge 2 vehicles at the same time by splitting the available power.


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