PMAC770 Multifunction power meter

PMAC770 is a high configuration meter with can provide MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TCP/IP, BACnet MS/TP, 64M bit memory etc.. Suitable for commercial building, data center, EMS...

。Suit for LV / HV voltage system
。True-RMS measuring parameter
。High accuracy, Active energy:IEC62053-22 class 0.5s
。Build-in MODBUS-RTU via RS485 port
。Pluggable modules for BACnet MS/TP; Ethernet TCP/IP, DI; DO; AI; AO
。64M bit data logging with build-in web server
。C02 carbon dioxide emission calculation
。2 kinds of demand modes: fixed block and rolling block
。31st Harmonic analysis, K factor, unbalance etc.
。Time-of-use( Multi-tariff billing), historical data of 31 days and 12 months
。Max./ Min. record (U,I,P,Q*)
。Under / Over limit alarm
。CE / KEMA / UL / CATIII certificate

Key Function

PMAC770 provides below key function

Data Logging

Power Quality Analysis

。Build-in Web Server

。Ethernet Port for fast Communication rate
。FTP format for download memory

。Time interval settable (1min. / 5min./ 10min./15min./30min.)

。U, I, P, Q, S, F, PF, kWh, kvarh, kVAh, demand for I, P, Q, S

。Unbalance rate

。Running time record for power-on period

。Harmonic THD, harmonicRMS to the 31st

。Unbalance for U, I

。Load rate

。Voltage deviation

。Frequency deviation
。Current K factor

。Voltage crest factor

CO2 Emissio Calculation
Real-time Measuring

。Total kWh CO2Emission

Phase A, B, C kWh CO2 emission (input & output)

。U, I, P, Q, S, PF, F, kWh, kvarh

。Time-of-use energy
。Demand & Max.demand

。Max./Min. value for U, I, P, Q, S

Multi Communication


。Ethernet TCP/IP


。Basic 3DI + 2DO

。Max. 11DI, 4DO

。2 Analog input (4~20mA)

。2 Analog output (4~20mA)

。2 Pulse output


Pluggable Module (Max. 3 modules)

BACnet Module

Optional DIN Rail Mount Installation

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