xGate6 Smart Gateway

xGate6 is a smart gateway with build-in web server & SQL, provide Max. connect 240pcs device for data collect, data transmit, data logging, alarm function. Suitable for system integrator and big projects.

。Online visual web with user-friendly interface
。Max. 240 device data collection,support MODBUS-RTU or MODBUS-TCP device
。Support HTTP(s), xml, Json for data Data transmit
。Build-in SQL data base, support standard 8GB TF card (Max. 16GB)
。Multiple alarm setting for each device
。Build-in Web server for real-time monitoring and remote configuration and debugging
。Build-in clock and NTP for timing


2 Ethernet Port & 1 GPRS

4DI, 2AI, 2DO

Small Size with Build-in Web Server

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