SPM9511 Single Phase Prepaid Energy Meter

SPM9511 is a new single phase electronic type prepaid energy meter, it can accurate measure rate frequency 50/60HZ AC active energy. Also it can be widely used in some large and medium department stores, offices and dormitory building etc...

。Suit for 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC power system
。Default Prepaid mode, auto switch power by remained energy
。Selectable post-paid mode, Lock mode
。LCD display for energy consumption, power measure display
。Historical records of energy for latest 31days, latest 12months
。Recharge information records for latest 50 times
。Alarm and records of trip, overload and other abnormal status
。Accuracy for kWh: Class 1.0
。35mm DIN rail installing



LCD display 0~9999999.9 kWh

Power supply

Small size

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