PBAT VRLA Battery Monitoring System

PBAT battery mointiring system is a smart solution for lead acid battery that use in UPS, data center, telecom BTS and solar energy storage bank. With build-in webserver and mobile APP, it realize on-line real-time monitoring battery status every time.

。Build-in Web server for on-line monitoring
。Voltage, Internal Temperature(Negative pole), Impedance minitoring for Battery Cell
。Voltage, Current, SOC, SOH monitoring for Battery string
。Setpoint alarm, Auto Balancing funtion and Data Collecting funtion
。Auto-sensing for Whole String Battery Sensor's ID address
。Real time and history data records with curve analysis
。Support xls, PDF, JPG format export and print out the data
。Monitor Ambient Temperature and humidity of monitor room (Optional)
。Support Sound and Light Alarm (Optional)

1. Monitor for individual battery

PBAT61-02 / PBAT61-12

PBAT61-02:for 2V battery monitoring

PBAT61-12:  for 12V battery monitoring

RJ11 port, MODBUS protocol


1.6V to 2.6V


7.5V to 15.6V


Internal Resistance

0.1mΩ to 100mΩ

Repeatability Error: 1.5%±25uΩ

Conformity Error: 1.0% ±25uΩ

0.1mΩ to 100mΩ

Repeatability Error: 1.5%±25uΩ

Conformity Error: 1.0% ±25uΩ

Internal Temperature
(Nagative Pole)

-20℃ to 85℃


-20℃ to 85℃


2. Monitor for String (group)

PBAT600                             Hall Sensor

PBAT600: for battery string monitoring

One string use one PBAT600

RJ11 port, MODBUS protocol

Hall sensor:  range from -1000A to 1000A


20V to 800V



-1000A ~ +1000A

(By Hall sensor)

SOC (state of charge)


3. PBAT-Gate Intelligent Control Gateway


Max. connect 4 battery stringsMax. 480pcs PBAT61-12 or PBAT61-02

build in web server, display by web page

Judge battery SOC & SOH, and drive the monitor alarm

Data logging for 12 months

Alarm for problem battery

Report for historical data

Balancing function


Timely Alarm for The Battery

Historical record with curve

Build-in Web Sever and Data Base

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