PBTS Telecom BTS Energy Monitor Box

PBTS is a Box for energy monitoring in Telecom base station. It including data logger, PMAC201HW for branch circuit monitor, PMAC903 for main circuit monitoring, all accessories is Pre-installed, pre-wired.

。Factory pre-wired for fast install
。Including data logger, 12 Channel energy meter for branch circuit monitor and 3 phase energy meter for main circuit
。Size:3000*4400*1300mm (Width * Height * Depth)
。Data freeze for each 15 min
。GPRS communication suitable for BTS station far away


  • PILOT PBTS especially for power monitor and energy consumption count in Telecom Base Station
  • It install against power distribution board to measure multi power channel
  • The measure result, alarm and energy records will storage in gateway module and send by GPRS per day to Center control station
  • Support customized PEMS software in center control station for over 10k PBTS data storage, analysis, energy billing and Demand report


  • 1nos Three phase MCCB monitor (Option)
  • 12nos Single phase or 4nos Three phase MCB monitor
  • Option Double channel DC power monitor
  • Measure parameter : Voltage, Current, Power, kWh , kvarh, etc.
  • Energy data freeze of : latest 12 days or last 12 months
  • Power failure alarm of : Phase loss, power loss
  • Set point alarm of : Over voltage, low voltage, over current
  • Local LCD display for above information
  • GPRS communication for alarm and data upload per day


Box with lock



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