PMAC780H Power Quality Analyzer

PMAC780H has powerful function, combine multifunction power meter + energy meter + power quality analyzer + failure recorder into one, provide MODBUS-RTU and MODBUS-TCP/IEC61850 protocol, 8G memory etc...

。Specially for 380V~35kV voltage level's industry and commercial building
。Class A power quality measurement
。Class 0.2s high accuracy energy measurement
。High resolution failure record
。Failure diagnose location
。Full real-time data measurement
。Bulk memory function, can dynamic record each even
。2 RS485 ports, MODBUS-RTU protocol
。1 Ethernet port, MODBUS-TCP/IEC61850(Optional)

 ey Function

PMAC780H provides below key function

Power Quality Analysis and location

。1024 point / cycle wave

。harmonic analysis and inter-harmonics analysis

。Voltage sag / swell / stop

。Transient capture

。Voltage, current unbalance and zero sequence unbalance

Voltage / Frequency deviation

。repid voltage alteration: tigger DO point, waveform record

。Voltage fluctuation and flick analysis

。Sag source location


Data Logging

。Support to connect with SmartPQM Power Quality Management System

。Measurement Channel: 4 channels voltage + 4 channels current

U, I, P, Q, S, F, PF, kWh, kvarh, kVAh, demand for real-time demand and predict demand

。8G memory for data and evern record

。8 channels DI

4 channels DO

2 channels optocoupler output for display

Multi Communication

。2 RS485 ports, MODBUS-RTU protocol

。1 Ethernet port, MODBUS-TCP/IEC61850



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