PMAC811 Intelligent Motor Protection Controller

PMAC811 intelligent motor protection controller is a new generation of enhanced high-performance motor protection device which integrates motor protection, measurement, information management, communication and control functions.

。Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electricity, metallurgy, steel, paper, textile, cement, municipal industrials etc…
。Suitable for low voltage motor applications with AC380 / 690V rated voltage, 50 / 60Hz
。Adopt modular structure design with small size, compact structure, strong versatility, easy installation and operation


  • Integrated motor protection, control, measurement, metering, management and communication among PMAC811 series intelligent motor protection controller
  • Replace discrete components in the motor control center (MCC), greatly simplify the motor control loop, improve the reliability and stability and reduce the comprehensive cost
  • Record 256 Events, accurately trace back to the failure reason
  • The AC contactor can be blocked when has extremely large short-circuit current, achieve complete protection of the MCC circuit by driving circuit breaker by the product internal relay
  • With strong and reliable RS485 communication interface, can undertake AC380V strong electricity without damage

Dimension & Installation

Screen panel installation, 96.8 * 48.8mm (reverse shell ), 97.5 * 49.5mm (recommended opening size)

Current Transformer Specification

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PMAC811 Intelligent Motor Protection Controller

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