Battery SCADA3000 Centralized Battery Monitoring System

Battery SCADA3000 is web-based system (B/S architecture) for large multi-site projects, with which you can easily and remotely monitor large quantity of batteries and have centralized management to them. No matter where the batteries are located, all of t

。24/7/365 On-line Monitoring ≦10,000pcs batteries
。Real-time Alarm for 2V / 6V / 12V VRLA Battery
。Online Balancing
。Realize all Data Display at One Location
。Suitable for Project with Large Number of Batteries or Project that Batteries Locate in Different Site
。All in one, System + Mobile APP + SMS & Email Alerts
。Centralized Monitoring
。B/S Structure, Easy Set-up, Easy Operation
。Support Export .csv Frmat Reports
。Graphical and visual display of battery trends and faults
。Support to connect with all PILOT Battery Monitoring Device
。Support to connect with 3rd party system, like EMS, EPC, SCADA, DCIM...




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