PBMS6000 for Large-scale Data Center

PBMS6000 Battery Monitoring Solution is designed for large data center projects in which large quantity of batteries from multiple sites can be monitored in centralization. And this solution can also be applied to Railway transport, Telecommunications, En

。Suitable for Large-scale Data Center, Multi-site and Multi-pole Battery Application
。24/7 Hours On-line Monitoring & Remote Alarms Notification
。Flexible Application for Max. 6 Strings with Max. 420pcs batteries
。Measure Muti-pole Battery
。Separated String Voltage and String Current Measuring Module, Measure String Ripple Current and Ripple Voltage
。Current Ring Communication, any communication failure will not affect other seneors communication
。Auto-Sensing for the Battery Sensor's ID Address
。Multi Communication Protocol (MODBUS-TCP, MODBUS-RTU, SNMP)
。Comply with IEEE 1188-2005





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