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AC Panel Mount or DIN Rail Mount Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter PMAC770 PMAC770-DR Power Quality Analysis suit for LV/HV voltage system

AC Energy Meter

AC Panel Mount or DIN Rail Mount Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter PMAC770 PMAC770-DR Power Quality Analysis suit for LV/HV voltage system

PMAC770 provides the main functions as below: 

1. Real-time measuring data,true RMS

2. Al energy data (include real energy,multi-tariff energy, history energy, 1"-13*harmonic energy).

3. Power quality analysis

4. Demand calculation

5. Build-in clock and event log

6. Over/under limit alarm

7. Phase sequence checking

8. Modbus-RTU/ BACnet MS/TP / MODBUS TCP/IP communication (Optional)

9. Digital input/Digital output (DI/DO)

10. Analog input Analog output (Al/AO,optional)

11. 2 pulse output (optional) etc.

      Main Documents

      Compatible Software

      PiEMS System1vwd

      Smart PiEMS System

      Product Introduction

      • PMAC770 Three Phase Multifunction Power Meter is designed for monitoring and displaying all kinds of electricity parameters.It's widely used in low voltage and medium voltage distribution/automation system.


      • 1.Suit for LV/HV voltage system .For low voltage system,direct connect up to 690V(L-L) AC .For high voltage system,support connect up to 65kV

         2.True-RMS measuring parameter .True-RMS measuring parameters includes:U,I,P,Q,S,PF,F,kWh,kvarh,kVAh

         3.Demand calculation .2 kinds of demand modes:fixed block and rolling block
      • 4.Power quality analysis .31st Harmonic analysis,K factor,unbalance etc.
        5.*TOU (Multi-tariff billing),historical data of 31 days and 12 months .TOU,4 tariffs,8 time period in 24 hours
        6.Max./Min.Record (U,I,P,Q*)
        7.Under/over limit alarm
         8.64M bit Memory,Build-in Web .Real-time data inquiry by Web .Save monitoring data (Time interval settable 1min,5min,10min,15min,30min) .Support FTP for download memory data
      • 10.Multiple Communication .BACnet MS/TP Protocol(RS485 port) .MODBUS-RTU Protocol(RS485Port) .MODBUS-TCP/IP Protocol (Ethemet part)
        12.High accuracy
        .Active energy:according to IEC62053-22,class0.5s
        .Reactive energy: according to IEC62053-23,class 2



      Connection mode 3-phase 3-wire,3-phase 4-wire,1-phase 2-wire Communication Modbus- RTU Protocol RS485 serial Baud rate:2400,4800,9600,19200, 38400bps Address:1~247
      Metering True RMS,1 sec refresh time
      Input Rate current:1Aor 5A Rate voltage: Direct 120V,220V,240V,277V,398Vph-N (optional) PT secondary.1-398V(settable) Frequency:50/60Hz Modbus- TCP/IP Ethernet communication port Support connect 10M/100M Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP,Web,FTP
      BACnet MS/TP protocol RS485serial Baud rate:2400,4800,9600,19200, 38400,57600,76800bps Address:1..127,excluding 99
      Overload 120%of rated,continuously Instantaneous current:10 times/sec Instantaneous voltage:2 times/sec
      Status input Wet contact,extemal power supply   Dimension   LxWx H) PMAC770: Panel:96x96x13.5 mm Cut-out:90x90x58.6 mm(basic) 90x90x80.1 mm(optional module)PMAC770-DR Panel:96x96x12 mm Cut-out:90x90x 58.6 mm(basic)
      Relay output Node capacity.250VAC/5A
      Pulse output Pulse constant:1000~9999 programmable Pulse width:60~100ms programmable Formula;1pulse=(1÷pulse constant × PT× CT) kWh
      Power supply 85~265VAC,85~265VDC(When select P1) 100~420VAC,100~400VDC(When select P2)   Weight Basic unit:approx 550gr. Optional module:50gr.
      Power loss   Environment Main Module& and other Modules Operating temperature:-10℃~+55 ℃ Storage temperature:-40℃-+70 ℃ Humidity:5%~95%non-condensing
      IP index IP52(front panel)and IP30(case)
      Power frequency withstand voltage AC 2KVIminute BACnet Module Operating temperature:0℃~+50℃ Storage temperature:-5C~+75 ℃ Humidity:10%~95%non-condensing
      Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ
      Impulse withstand voltage 4kV(peak),1.2/50uS

      Standard (EMC)

      Electrostatic discharge immunity test                   IEC 61000-4-2,Level 4
      Radiated immunity test                                           IEC 61000-4-3,Level 3
      Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test       IEC61000-4-4,Level 4

      Surge immunity test(1,2/50μs~8/20μs Conducted emissions Radiated emissions

      IEC 61000-4-5,Level 3

      EN55022,ClassB EN 55022,ClassB



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