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Pilot Technology Inspires E-Mobility Charging Advancements at Power2Drive


Pilot Technology Inspires E-Mobility Charging Advancements at Power2Drive

2024-06-25 10:36:51

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After three packed exhibition days featuring sustainable E-mobility charging solutions, with comprehensive look at the present and future of  both public and private charging infrastructure, Pilot Technology concluded successfully at the Intersolar exhibition 2024.


Upgraded Solutions Covering All Scenarios
As the surging growing in public charging points in Europe, data shows it has more than doubled between 2021 and 2023 in the European Union, whilst Netherlands, Germany, and France had remarkable appearance for the past 3 years. Additionally, new challenge such as space availability, payment systems, heavy-duty fleets operation, and the use of solar energy to charge vehicles need to be noticed. 

At Pilot Technology, power ranges from AC 3.5kW to DC 480kW covering home charging, destination charging, fleets charging, and commercial charging can be applied to all EV brands.

heavy-duty transports EV charging station819

Sustainable heavy-duty transports
As industries worldwide strive to reduce their carbon footprint and comply with stricter emissions regulations, the shift towards electric vehicles, particularly heavy-duty trucks, has become a pressing priority.Heavy-duty trucks require intelligent high-power charging infrastructure, so choosing the right charging solution is vital when efficiency and productivity are critical to operations.

Fast DC Chargers - PEVC3106E/PEVC3107E/PEVC3108E :The all-rounder for public charging in commercial applications. See for yourself on site how easy scalability dc series work.

Super Dynamic Charging Sharing EV charging stationum0

Super Dynamic Charging Sharing
Dynamic charging sharing refers to the real-time allocation available power capacity among multiple EV, which optimizes the charging load from the charger to be able to:
Distribute electricity more equally;
Charge multiple EV simultaneously;
Allocate power more efficiently to enable a faster charge.
DC Chargers - Level 3 Split System:High-power system with simultaneous output to max 8 connectors for a smaller footprint. Dynamic power sharing, and max 1,000 VDC to provide fast charging in less time.

Solar Powered BESS EV Charging Stationnni

Solar Powered EV Charging 
PV + BESS + EV Charging Station is an all-in-one solar storage charging system for commercial use, which offers a number of benefits:
Cost-effective:Electricity expenses can be optimized by managing the time-of-user rates, store utility electricity when it’s less expensive and discharge the power to the EV charging point when prices go up, thus reducing operating costs and improving the profitability of the charging network over time.
Adjustable users’ throughput:One notable benefit of BESS is the ability to bolster customers' throughput by supplementing grid power during high demand periods. This feature proves invaluable when grid energy availability falls short, enabling swift and efficient charging without updating the costly infrastructure.
EMS controls:The true potential of BESS is the Energy Management System (EMS). An effective EMS optimizes battery operations by adjusting charging and discharging cycles in response to fluctuating time-of-use rates, facilitates peak shaving to manage grid limitations, and aligns grid conditions with electrical load for cost-effective and reliable charging.
Pilot Solar-BESS-Charging System:Pilot Integrated ESS is highly combined with LFP battery system, BMS, PCS, EMS, liquid cooling system, fire protection system, power distribution and other equipment inside the cabinet. Provide economic, safe, intelligent, and convenient electricity solutions for industrial and commercial users.
Economically efficient - system efficiency up to 90%.
Safe and reliable - multiple security protection systems.
Intelligent management -10% increase in battery utilization
Highly convenient - Capex reduced by 2%.
smart ev charging management system37f
Smart EV Chargers vs Traditional Chargers
Compared with traditional EV Chargers, smart ones offer cloud-based solutions that enable advanced remote monitoring, management, and control to optimize energy consumption.
Sino Energy:The scalable and highly available distributed system with micro service architecture. It supports charging fault cloud backup protection mechanism and orderly charging management algorithm, which effectively enhance the safety monitoring of charging station.
About Pilot 
Pilot Technology, a leading global provider in the field of digital energy solutions, with the mission of "Smart Electricity, Green Energy", Pilot devotes to exploring self-developed hardware devices, edge gateways, software platforms, and intelligent algorithms. Mainly provide IOT energy metering products and energy management services in Public Buildings, Data Centers, Healthcare, Education, Electronic Semiconductors, Transport, Industrial enterprises, etc.